ChoicePoint upgrades anti-money laundering technology

Source: ChoicePoint

ChoicePoint today launched the complete line of Bridger Insight XG offerings, greatly expanding the product implementation options for its industry-leading Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) and USA PATRIOT Act compliance solutions.

The initial launch of Bridger Insight XG earlier this year set a new standard in risk management, USA PATRIOT Act compliance and OFAC compliance solutions, with more due diligence data, integrated workflow, case management and thorough audit and reporting capabilities. Today's launch gives customers increased options for implementing Bridger Insight XG into their organizations. Customers can choose from five different product implementation options to meet varying needs related to integration, hosting, enterprise deployment, user access and system operation.

"The new Bridger Insight XG solution suite was created to meet specific current and future compliance and risk management needs in one system," said Colleen Howell, Bridger Insight vice president for ChoicePoint. "But we all know that each customer is unique, requiring product implementation flexibility to meet the demands of differing operating environments. With Bridger Insight XG, customers get the specific version of the solution they need, suited to their distinct policies and procedures."

Bridger Insight XG leverages advanced technology like Microsoft's ClickOnce deployment to ease the burden of deploying a smart client throughout the organization. Bridger Insight XG can also be integrated directly into a customer's existing applications, allowing direct access to more than 25 watch lists, ChoicePoint IDV (Identity Verification) data and more. Other customers can deploy the Bridger Insight XG Enterprise solution behind their company firewall and implement all the features of the solution across an entire organization, including the Bridger Insight XG Advanced Batch Management System.

Bridger Insight XG solutions are designed to help organizations increase compliance process efficiency, while realizing significant cost savings. ChoicePoint combines comprehensive watch list screening, identity verification, politically exposed persons (PEP) data and integrated Factiva Media news media searching into Bridger Insight XG to facilitate batch and real-time screening of new and existing customers.

Dubbed by Celent as "one of the pioneers of compliance software," Bridger Insight USA PATRIOT Act compliance and OFAC compliance solutions are used every day by the majority of the top 25 U.S. banks and by more than 4,000 organizations across multiple industries including banking and finance, retail, insurance, securities, mortgage, gaming and public sectors.

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