Fiserv's Personix launches PlanITcare healthcare banking platform

Source: Personix

Personix, a business unit of Fiserv Inc. (Nasdaq:FISV) and leading provider of business-critical communications to the financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, investment services and retail markets, announced today from the Healthcare Communications Forum 2006 in Boston, Mass., the launch of PlanITcare, a comprehensive suite of solutions to help health plan companies more effectively manage eligibility-card issuance, pre- and post-sale member communications and electronic health benefit payments and post adjudication processes via a Web-based, self-service interface.

PlanITcare is part of a larger Fiserv healthcare banking initiative designed to help financial institutions take advantage of the next wave in healthcare cost management. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), owned and managed by consumers and domiciled in financial institutions nationwide, are being seen as an effective way to keep healthcare cost increases under control while still providing care access to a growing number of consumers. Fiserv offers comprehensive healthcare banking services such as PlanITcare and including HSA support, to both the bank and credit union market.

Personix will offer four solutions within the PlanITcare suite: (1) personalization and delivery of member ID cards; (2) print and mail of checks, EOBs and other member communications; (3) MedEPay EFT/ERA, the conversion of paper checks to electronic funds transfers (EFT) and paper remittance advice to HIPAA-compliant electronic remittance advice (ERA); and (4) personalized member communications for pre- and post-sale fulfillment of member materials, including personalized benefits booklets and ID cards. Details of each solution include the following:

Member ID cards: Leveraging the tightly controlled processes utilized in the manufacturing and personalization of credit, debit and prepaid cards for the financial industry, PlanITcare offers a wide range of market-leading card types and styles, ranging from basic paper ID cards to Xpress Digital cards with magnetic stripes.

Post-adjudication print and mail communications: PlanITcare addresses communication needs after a health claim has been adjudicated, including checks and remittance advice. This process provides efficient and cost effective print and mail solutions that minimize print costs and take advantage of Personix' ShareMail postage savings program.

MedEPay EFT/ERA: MedEPay converts paper checks to EFTs and paper remittance advice to HIPAA compliant electronic remittance advice. The suite also converts paper documents to a variety of electronic formats for archival and Web delivery applications to further suppress the expense of print and mail communication to members and providers.

Personalized member communications and benefits booklets: Healthcare ID and/or member benefit cards can be integrated directly onto 100-percent personalized booklets that consolidate the typically complex member benefits package. Both the cards and booklet contents can be personalized to each recipient and produced in mass volume.

"Increasing complexities of consumer-directed health plans and the administration requirements of HSAs, HRAs and FSAs are going to require a disciplined, controlled evolution in many areas of the healthcare industry," said Peter Schidlowski, SVP and general manager of Personix, Houston. "A single-source, comprehensive approach to member and provider communications should drive big bottom-line benefits by reducing output related expenditures, as well as expenses associated with call centers, provider support and lost or stolen checks," added Schidlowski.

"The PlanITcare suite represents the alignment of several technological and service innovations to help health plans transform recurring communications with members and health care providers into efficient, relationship-building opportunities," said Personix president Jorge Diaz. "Personix has established itself as a healthcare market leader, serving four of the five largest health plans in the country. The PlanITcare concept helps us articulate the full depth and breadth of our solutions."

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