Peppercoin and Duncan Solutions expand car park payments offering

Source: Peppercoin

Duncan Solutions, Inc., and Peppercoin, Inc., today announced a strategic partnership to offer innovative, integrated solutions that grow parking revenues by increasing the profitability of credit and debit card transactions and deliver greater conveniences to motorists.

The companies, who already work together in a number of cities, including Las Vegas and Oklahoma City, are enhancing their relationship with additional technology integration and coordinated sales efforts.

"Duncan's deep domain expertise and market leadership, coupled with Peppercoin's unique small payments technology platform, provides the strongest solution to municipalities looking to enhance on-street parking," said Mike Nickolaus, president, Duncan Solutions, Inc. "Working closely together we can provide services to any town or city that improve parking convenience, increase revenues and enhance operational efficiency."

The Duncan/Peppercoin strategic partnership brings new features to multi-space parking pay stations. These pay stations reduce costs and street clutter by handling up to 10 parking spaces on a single meter. New features include:

  • Credit and Debit Card Enabled Meters - The Duncan multi-space pay stations accept all major credit and debit cards to help increase parking regulation compliance and improve convenience for motorists
  • Profitable Card Processing - Intelligent Aggregation reduces card processing costs by bundling parking transactions from the same motorist into one larger transaction. Municipalities benefit from cost savings on per-transaction processing fees
  • New Parking Payment Models - Municipalities can now provide pre-paid parking offers in addition to traditional pay-as-you-go pricing. For instance, consumers can purchase a package of 20 hours in advance and receive two extra hours of parking at no charge. Drivers access their pre-paid parking account by reusing the same credit card they used to make the initial purchase
  • Parking Loyalty Programs - Municipalities may extend loyalty programs to motorists using credit or debit cards to encourage them to return frequently, especially to downtown business districts. Drivers can earn points for parking and redeem those points for additional parking
  • Online Customer Self-Care - Motorists can check their pre-paid parking balance at the pay station, or go online to see their complete parking purchase history

Duncan and Peppercoin are at the forefront of providing a solution that allows municipalities to more effectively card-enable on-street parking purchases, which have traditionally been largely cash-based. Market research shows that many Americans would like to be able to pay for on-street parking with their preferred credit or debit card.

"Over the past year, Peppercoin has continued to develop our Small Payment Suite to benefit transit and parking companies looking for consumer-friendly, cost-effective parking solutions," said Mark Friedman, president and CEO of Peppercoin. "We look forward to working closely with Duncan to help municipalities offer a variety of payment options to best meet customer needs."

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