Atmia publishes PoS fraud prevention guide for consumers

Source: ATM Industry Association

The ATM Industry Association's Debit Council has published a POS Customer Guide which includes fourteen tips for preventing fraud during point of sale transactions.

Since much of ATM fraud originates through card and PIN compromises at POS terminals, ATMIA believes it is imperative to reach out to the POS sector and join forces and resources to counter cross-channel fraud in financial services worldwide.

ATMIA's Debit Council is currently drafting international best practices for the POS security lifecycle. The POS cardholder security tips form part of these lifecycle best practices.

A shorter version of the guide, entitled "Top Five Tips for POS Transactions", will also be made available at the same time so POS deployers can choose from a comprehensive list of customer "do's" and "don'ts" and a more punchy, concise summary version.

The new customer guide comes out at a time when the Global ATM Security Alliance, in association with Fair Isaac, are publishing "Best Practices for Protecting the Customer's Personal Bank Account and Identity". This international manual brings together for the first time best practices for both multichannel security for financial services and the prevention of identity theft. The publication represents the minimum security guidelines for fraud management within the retail banking environment.

The POS customer guides groups the security tips under three headings: "Check the Area Aound the POS device", "Stay Focused During Transaction" and "Protect your PIN, Card and Account".

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