Linedata connects OMS to Pipeline block trading service

Source: Pipeline Trading Systems

Pipeline Trading Systems LLC, a registered broker/dealer and the marketplace of choice for large block electronic trading, and Linedata Services, a leading provider of software and services to the global financial services marketplace, today announced the systematic integration of Pipeline's leakproof block trading venue with Linedata Services' LongView Trading order management system.

The Pipeline/LongView Trading interface is expected to be live early in the 4th Quarter. It will dramatically streamline traders' workflow leading to increased execution capacity, higher fill rates, and reduced market impact costs.

"Linedata is excited to offer our traders seamless access to Pipeline's innovative block trading system," said Annie Morris, SVP Business Development at Linedata. "Our strategy is to bring the industry's best sources of liquidity directly to our traders, and Pipeline offers a valuable alternative venue for traders working sizable orders."

With one-click functionality, tickets can be split between Pipeline and other venues, orders can be cancelled or re-routed, the Pipeline Watch List can be auto-populated, while real time updates between the two applications coordinate commitments and auto fills.

"Clients can both activate and control their orders from the Pipeline system," said Fred Federspiel, President and Founder of Pipeline. "Additionally, the placement and management of lists in Pipeline will be greatly simplified."

Pipeline offers a unique electronic platform where block traders can enter firm orders for large blocks of stock without the fear of the predatory practices that can occur in traditional trading venues. While Pipeline reduces such predation to the point of extinction, it expands a trader's control in an auto-ex environment.

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