Concise Group and Brains Direct merge to form Endava

Source: Endava

Concise Group, a City-based IT consulting and services organisation and Brains Direct, a leading supplier of Eastern European offshore software development and IT services, today announced that they have merged to create a focused IT services organisation that will deliver domain-focused technology consulting, systems implementation and managed service solutions predominantly to the Financial, Technology, Media and Telecom sectors.

The newly formed, UK owned and headquartered company will be known as Endava in all territories in which it operates.

Endava will combine the best of Concise's expert domain knowledge and implementation experience in IT architecture, systems integration, IT security, and infrastructure managed services, with Brains' highly skilled and cost effective software development capability from Eastern Europe, delivered via their blended sourcing approach.

The primary driver for the merger is the demand from the market for an IT services firm that provides strong local domain-focused expertise while utilising skills from alternative offshore locations such as Eastern Europe, where there is a strong pedigree and heritage in technical education and achievement.

"Concise and Brains have worked together in the past, which has created real synergy; combining the two companies creates a high quality consultancy and delivery capability for customers, that also benefit from the cost effective delivery capability using the very best of local and Eastern European talent," said John Cotterell, Managing Director of Concise Group. "The time is right for this merger and through greater integration between our UK base and our Eastern European facilities, we can significantly expand the range of services available to customers moving forward."

The newly formed Endava will continue to use a 'blended' business model based on UK consultancy, project management and technical leadership, backed up by Eastern European software development and support teams. With an initial combined workforce of over 250 people and a turnover in excess of £10million, Endava has aggressive plans to grow the company, its revenues, and its market sector penetration over the next 18 months.

"This merger is about a strategic fit between two experienced and well-respected companies, who together offer a very strong value proposition to customers," commented Nigel Bridges, CEO of Brains Group. "The offshore market is becoming more sophisticated as the model for IT matures and organisations are starting to look outside of India for alternative solutions. Customers want to partner with an organisation that understands their key business drivers and issues, who already have experience in delivering value, on budget, and on time. We believe this merger addresses those pain points for customers, with the added benefit of a flexible and cost effective delivery model."

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