Edentify's ID theft technology wins seal of approval from Amercia's Community Bankers

Source: Edentify

America's Community Bankers (ACB), the national trade association committed to strengthening the competitive position of community banks, has selected Edentify, Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: EDFY), a leading provider of identity management solutions, as a Preferred Solution Provider to its 1,000 ACB community bank members nationwide, providing the means to root out and thwart ID theft and fraud.

Edentify is ACB's Preferred Solution Provider of ID theft and fraud detection and prevention software, and will offer its proprietary IDBenchmark 2.0 software to ACB bank members.

"Our solutions can provide ACB's bank members with tight financial security and protection against ID theft and manipulation that works in real time," says Terrence DeFranco, CEO of Edentify. "Engaging proactive partners is a major component in our marketing strategy, allowing us to gain critical mass for our solutions, and it is very exciting for us to count ACB as one such partner. ACB member banks utilizing our solutions will be equipped with a robust suite of identity management solutions available in the market, and they will be able to uncover fraudulent activity immediately as it occurs, easily and quickly pinpoint the origin, and take prompt steps to mitigate any damaging effects. With our technology, ACB's members will be well prepared to protect their organizations and their customers against the growing scourge of ID theft and fraud."

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