Mellon WCS upgrades cheque imaging technology

Source: Mellon Working Capital Solutions (WCS)

Mellon Working Capital Solutions (WCS) today announced that it has enhanced its remote check capture service to provide clients with the option to convert eligible payments into one-time accounts receivable check (ARC) conversion debits.

Remote check capture enables customers to scan and truncate the checks they receive from their payors at their company locations and then electronically transmit the images to Mellon WCS, where the system then separates the items into two transmissions: one for eligible ARC items and the other for ineligible items. Eligible items are then converted into ARC entries and images of ineligible items are transmitted to Mellon, where substitute checks are printed and processed directly through deposit operations.

"By offering ARC as part of its remote check capture service, Mellon has enabled us to collect amounts due to us faster and achieve our goal to eliminate paper from our collections process," said Dawn Budd, assistant treasurer for Educational Testing Service, a Mellon client. "Because ARC converts paper to electronics early in the collection process, many of the numerous steps traditionally employed to turn our checks into cash are no longer necessary."

"From a workflow perspective, our clients' front-end capture, balancing and transmission processes will remain unchanged from our current remote check capture offering," said Gregory J. Cicero, senior vice president and Mellon WCS department head. "The fundamental difference will be in how the item is cleared. By using ARC as a clearing option, our customers will not only eliminate the need to print and clear substitute checks for items eligible for check conversion, but they will also gain access to later deposit deadlines."

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