HBOS implements eg Solutions work manager technology

Source: HBOS Financial Services

HBOS Financial Services has seen improvements in service levels and cost management in spite of unsettled financial market conditions, customer demand and increasing regulation, following the implementation of eg Solutions work manager.

Although HBOS had been using eg work manager for 12 years ago, due to staff changes and new processes over the years, knowledge of how to use the system to full effect had been eroded. eg's proven ability to cut costs and instil a wider understanding of cost management across the business, encouraged HBOS to call-in eg again.

eg is currently working with HBOS to help re-align eg work manager with current business practice and to achieve further returns on their earlier investment by helping the teams to help themselves.

eg has re-launched the 'eg principles of production management' to achieve a consistent Process for Managing across all teams in the division, best practice use of eg work manager, skill transfer with champions in the division so they can maintain Team Leader skills and an accreditation system to be used by the champions in sustaining the programme's implementation.

To improve efficiency and to achieve the maximum benefits from eg work manager, eg ensures that managers and Team Leaders play a key role in the change process by involving them in the design and implementation of the consistent, proactive management practices.

The findings from the initial training needs analysis are summarised under seven headings: measuring; planning; communicating; allocating; monitoring; analysing and improving, and are presented in percentage terms to a management workshop, where details of the proposed approach and implementation plan is agreed.

The programme increases productivity by involving the team on an ongoing basis, and gain buy-in and commitment which increases target levels of performance. Staff members are fully trained in the full functionality of eg work manager. Planning & Forecasting; Communication & Motivation; Measures; Quality and Process Control & Improvement are covered in workshops attended by each Manager and Team Leader and also a programme of classroom-based training covering the new functionality of eg work manager.

Chrystal Mogg, Head of Customer Services Division, HBOS Financial Services stated: "The eg trainers have a professional and positive attitude, their 'can do' approach gave us all confidence in achieving the results we were hoping for. They also have the ability to relate material to 'real life' situations enabling us to easily see how best to use the tools."

In addition, an HBOS Project Team transferred eg's skills as the project was rolled out across the division, ensuring the practices and behaviours could be sustained through continuous improvement and was achieved through the development of a team of champions providing day-to-day support in the implementation of the programme's key messages and the accreditation process.

Managers and Team Leaders benefit through improved personal skills, greater control of workloads, reduced backlogs and improved customer relationships. A total of 600 people including 11 Managers and 46 Team Leaders are affected by the changes in management practices and the implementation of eg work manager.

Teams react positively to more challenging targets for accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency with accuracy figures reaching 90%+ across the division. Outstanding hours are reduced by 2464, throughput increased to 1.1 and unavailable hours reduced by 21%.

Chrystal Mogg further stated: "There are now clear targets across the function, which all have Manager, Team Leader and Team buy-in. There's a feeling of being united around a common cause. A clear message was given on the need to continuously monitor and improve, and our management team were taught the relevant skills to achieve this."

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