North Fork Bank selects Arcot authentication technology

Source: Arcot Systems

Arcot Systems, Inc., a leading provider of multi-factor authentication, credential management, and digital signature software solutions, today announced that All Points Capital, a subsidiary of North Fork Bank, has chosen the company's WebFort multi-factor authentication solution - with its underlying patented ArcotID technology - for authenticating financial institution customers into its online transaction portal.

All Points provides an Internet transaction gateway to thousands of customers, the majority being independent lessors, or companies that lend money to other businesses and consumers.

All Points Capital (APCC) selected Arcot's WebFort solution in order to fortify its online protections for its customers, and to comply with U.S. FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) guidelines on the use of authentication in Internet banking environments. Moreover, the company selected Arcot in order to lay the framework for future digital signing applications for the addition of value-added customer services and improved internal document management efficiencies.

All Points Capital chose Arcot's multi-factor authentication product over other solutions for three primary reasons:

  • Platform & Network Compatibility
  • Customer Usability (low impact on customer service)
  • Application Extensibility

"We chose the WebFort solution for FFIEC compliance primarily because Arcot's solutions were more compatible with our internal systems," said Kawai Chan, Technology Officer for All Points Capital. "We reviewed a variety of solutions being used by other financial institutions and when it came right down to it, Arcot's software worked best with our systems. Other vendors that we looked at required Linux or Apache, or required significant changes to our platform and business processes."

Chan continued, "We did not want to redesign or extend our current system infrastructure to accommodate a new authentication system. We needed a system that could be incorporated into the network design easily, not the other way around."

Ease-of-use of the patented ArcotID "software smartcard" technology underlying the WebFort solution also played a significant role in APCC's choice. "Our test users found the ArcotID very intuitive to use," Chan commented. "The act of using the ArcotID mirrors that of traditional user name and password so implementation of the solution doesn’t require us to ask our customers to change their behavior – the way they access our online business portal."

And with an eye to the future plans for its business, APCC chose the WebFort solution because its platform provides the basis for the secure digital signing of electronic documents, a utility that the company plans to implement in the future for facilitating business process flow and lowering operational costs. "We didn't want to choose an authentication solution and meet FFIEC compliance in a vacuum from our other business initiatives. Arcot's solution opens the door to business improvements, rather than boxing APCC onto a narrow path, or providing us with an orphan solution that didn’t fit in with the rest of our systems and business plans."

"The team at All Points Capital shared our vision of authentication as a business enabler, not a one-time technical solution, and we are proud to have won their business," said Martin Yam, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Arcot Systems. "They recognized the superiority of our solution from a practical standpoint and we look forward to working with them, and growing with them as the company moves to take advantage of the many applications that our WebFort solution provides."

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