Bill Few Financial switches to Advent Portfolio Exchange

Source: Advent Software

Advent Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADVS), the leading provider of software and services to the investment management industry, announced today that Bill Few Financial Group, a Pittsburgh-based investment and wealth advisor and broker-dealer group, has migrated to Advent Portfolio Exchange for enhanced security and client relationship management (CRM) functionalities.

Bill Few Financial Group, which has $1.2 billion in assets under management, participated in the client validation development process of Advent Portfolio Exchange last year. The company upgraded from Axys to Advent Portfolio Exchange, Advent's next-generation portfolio management platform that integrates front-office marketing and CRM functionality with back-office portfolio accounting and reporting operations. Moving to Advent Portfolio Exchange has enhanced the firm's client services, improved compliance and security, and helped integrate front-office functions with back-office operations.

"Our firm manages over 6,000 client portfolios, and our clients expect complete confidentiality. A key benefit of Advent Portfolio Exchange right out of the box was the security functionality. We can set up user IDs and limit user access to specific accounts, which enables us to allow portfolio access to select affiliates," said John Jones, Chief Operating Officer of Bill Few Financial Group. "In addition, the built-in CRM capabilities show us all the client's data in one integrated view, so that instead of jumping around from one program to another, we can focus on the client relationship."

Advent Portfolio Exchange is built on industry standard tools, including Microsoft's SQL server for data security and simple IT functionality, which helps firms like Bill Few grow their client list without having to expand their IT staff.

"We have seen tremendous advantages in having a SQL-based database environment, which makes it easier to import, export, access and share information," said Rodney Engh, CFP, a financial advisor and member of the firm’s technology committee.

"For a firm like Bill Few Financial Group, which is growing quickly while managing technology changes, Advent Portfolio Exchange offers the scalability to accommodate rapid growth without losing security or customer service," said William Penney, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Advent Software. "As Bill Few continues to expand and add clients, Advent Portfolio Exchange" is primed to grow along with the firm, delivering the reliability, innovation and first-class customer service that our clients know to expect from Advent."

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