Bank of America launches card information Web site


As Americans gear up for summer travel and leisure activities, they should be more aware of the safety and security features of their Check Card. Bank of America, the leading Check Card issuer in the U.S. with more than 22 million Check Cards issued, kicks off the summer season by providing consumers with an informational Web site featuring tips on Check Card safety, security and convenience.

"Memorial Day traditionally kicks off the summer when Americans spend more time traveling to vacation destinations," says Ken Kavanagh, Debit and Prepaid Card executive for Bank of America. "Our unique tips Web site provides consumers with information about the benefits and security of Check Cards, so they will feel confident buying airline tickets online, going out for dinner or paying for gas at the pump."

Bank of America leads the industry with the company's standard in card security -- Total Security Protection(TM). Total Security Protection is free and comes automatically with all Bank of America Check Cards and includes:

* Zero Liability - if your card is lost or stolen, Bank of America reimburses you for any unauthorized card transactions up to the amount of the loss, when reported within 60 days from statement date.
* Guaranteed credit - your account will be credited by the end of the next business day for unauthorized transactions if your card is lost or stolen(1).
* Fraud Monitoring - reviews how and where the card is being used and is designed to block potential fraud if abnormal patterns are detected.
* Photo Security - puts your picture and signature on the front of the card to reduce fraud.
* Verified by Visa(TM) - provides password protection to prevent others from using your card online (not available on Check Cards in Washington, Idaho and Oregon).
* Bank of America Privacy Policy for Consumers - commits that your customer information will not be disclosed to third-party marketers for purposes of marketing their own products and services.

Bank of America has enlisted Gerri Detweiler, consumer advocate and author of The Ultimate Credit Handbook, to lend her expert advice on the Web site content covering topics such as:
* Why use Check Cards?
* What does it cost to use a Check Card?
* Should I enter a PIN when making a Check Card purchase?
* Are Check Cards safe?
* Is it safe to use my Check Card for Internet purchases?
* Am I liable for fraudulent purchases?

"Check Cards are safer than cash, more convenient than checks, and a good alternative if you are concerned about carrying balances on your credit cards," said Detweiler. "The Web site should be welcome information for consumers who have questions about using their Check Cards safely and securely."

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