Volante upgrades data management platfrom

Source: Volante Technologies

Volante Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of platform independent data management solutions to the financial services industry, today announced the next generation of the Volante Product Suite.

Volante version 3.2 puts a host of new capabilities into the hands of customers giving them better control over the enterprise data management process. Features like fine grain control over how a message gets processed, XML-based persistence and SWIFT SRG 2006 support mean financial firms can increase productivity, reduce latency and improve integration across any number of disparate platforms.

Advancements such as message flow modeling and advanced error recovery mean less custom coding, fewer QA issues and the ability to put messaging applications into production more quickly. The new release, which is available worldwide today, has been in use in beta format at several client sites. Volante version 3.2 has many significant enhancements over the latest version, including:

  • Volante Conductor – gives users fine grain control over how a message gets processed and significantly reduces - if not completely eliminates - hand coding
  • User-Modeled Exception Management – provides the ability to capture and handle exceptions and exception flows which occur when errors are encountered so users can define what actions need to be taken
  • Direct Mapping – which provides very high performance and low latency when mapping from one external message format to another
  • Enhanced Transaction Support – allows users to define specific transaction semantics for their message flow, which guarantees that all activities within a transaction are completed successfully
  • SWIFT SRG 2006 Support – provides the entire SWIFT message library compliant to the Standards Release Guide 2006 including all Network Validated Rules and all updates to the Data Field Dictionary (DFD)
  • Advanced XML Format Plug-in – provides support for all XML-based industry formats. Specifically, W3C schema and DTD message definitions, which the user can customize if necessary

Additional features include the ability to handle large amounts of batch messages and XML message persistence.

"This product release represents months of development and multiple discussions with customers to learn what new capabilities would help them stay ahead of their competition," said Vijay Oddiraju, Founder & CEO, Volante Technologies. "New features like the Volante Conductor and user-modeled exception management mean developers spend less time hand coding and our customers are able to automate more of their data management processes. This results in lower development costs, fewer errors and a faster time-to-market."

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