Nymex migrates more futures to CME's Globex platform

Source: NYMEX

The New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc. announced today that it would migrate the after–hours trading of platinum, palladium, and propane futures contracts from NYMEX ACCESS to CME Globex on August 6.

These contracts will also be available for side–by–side trading on CME Globex during regular floor trading hours beginning on September 4 for trade date September 5.

The contracts on CME Globex will be listed for the full curve, or all months corresponding with the underlying full–sized futures contract, and will be available for trading from 6:00 PM ET Sundays through 5:15 PM ET Fridays, with a 45-minute break each day between 5:15 PM ET and 6:00 PM ET.

NYMEX launched financially settled, standard-sized and NYMEX miNYTM energy futures contracts for trading on CME Globex on June 12. Access to electronic trading of NYMEX products is available virtually 24 hours a day on CME Globex.

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