McAfee upgrades Internet security technology

Source: McAfee

McAfee, Inc., (NYSE:MFE) the global leader in intrusion prevention and security risk management, today announced that it has addressed consumers' concern for identity theft protection as well as social engineering attacks including spyware, spam and other malicious programs with the release of its next- generation security service suites now available for download.

Both McAfee Internet Security Suite and McAfee Total Protection offer market-leading identity theft protection that help to prevent the multiple scams that identity thieves use to target unprotected - or under-protected - consumers.

Identity thieves use a variety of methods to target online consumers. These include sending Trojan Horses or Potentially Unwanted Programs, which when downloaded to the PC, may monitor keystrokes, track Internet log-ins, transmit confidential information, or redirect a consumer's browser to fake Web sites. Phishing and spam techniques are also employed, using fraudulent emails and Web sites to lure consumers into disclosing private account or login information. In addition, any email, attachment, or transaction traversing over an unsecured wireless network can be intercepted and manipulated by a criminal.

"Consumers have grown increasingly concerned about protecting their personally identifiable information as they search, browse and transact online. With our new suites, McAfee arms consumers with improved and new technologies protecting them from traditional threats such as viruses, Trojans and spyware, as well as solutions for emerging threats such as rootkits," said Marc Solomon, Director of Product Management, McAfee Consumer. "In addition, McAfee continues its heritage of innovation by providing consumers with an entirely new and important layer of protection that's only available at McAfee: McAfee SiteAdvisor. Available in every new McAfee product, McAfee SiteAdvisor warns consumers that adware, spam and online scams may reside on a Web site with a user friendly rating scheme to help consumers stay safe online."

In addition to all the benefits derived from the new protections offered with this launch, McAfee has focused on the customer experience and completely redesigned how users interact with its services: New iconography makes it easy for consumers to understand status, alerts, and information; consumers can now view security status and manage PC security with one product instead of many; and security is now categorized by a consumer's goal - not by a product. All of the default settings are already optimized so there's virtually no set-up; the McAfee SecurityCenter, where users can run a scan, check security status, and fix security issues, is now simplified and streamlined; and the entire installation process is automated through a download manager and installer. In addition, McAfee now supports both FireFox as well as Internet Explorer.

A recent Harris Interactive survey reported that while 88% of computer users have antivirus software on their PCs, 65% of them have postponed updating the programs. To address this issue, all of the McAfee suites are offered via subscription and provide automatic updates and upgrades which download seamlessly so consumers' activities are not disrupted. As new features are developed and introduced for each suite, McAfee automatically downloads and installs them on the PC, ensuring that users always have the most advanced security.

Current subscribers of McAfee's online subscription services will get the new upgraded technologies via a phased roll-out.

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