Axioma upgrades portfolio risk analysis technology

Source: Axioma

Axioma Inc., a leading global provider of risk analysis and portfolio rebalancing tools for the financial services industry, today announced the launch of Axioma Portfolio, the company's next-generation suite of analytical tools for portfolio risk analysis, construction and rebalancing.

"Axioma Portfolio's new capabilities deliver tremendous added value to our customers," said Dr. Sebastian Ceria, Chief Executive Officer of Axioma. "With Axioma Portfolio, we've taken the most innovative and powerful product on the market and made it easier to use by replicating the workflow of the portfolio management process. Axioma Portfolio is the ideal tool for making optimal decisions when constructing portfolios and, when used in conjunction with our newly developed Robust Risk Models, is by far the most powerful and intuitive portfolio management tool available today."

Said Daniel Cashion, President of Axioma, "Using Axioma Portfolio immediately eliminates 90 percent of the work typically associated with portfolio rebalancing. By decrypting the risk-management process, Axioma Portfolio puts extraordinary power in the hands of portfolio managers, whether one's approach is quantitative, fundamental or somewhere in between."

Axioma Portfolio's graphical user interface (GUI) has been fully redesigned with a number of powerful new visualization capabilities. Axioma Portfolio is unique in that any table within the application can be easily charted - a tool that provides the user with unparalleled graphic insights. The product offers a choice of five "perspectives" - Data, Single-Portfolio, Multiple-Portfolio, Rebalancing and Frontier Analysis - that provide different views tailored to specific tasks in the portfolio management workflow. For example, the Multi-Portfolio perspective allows the user to compare multiple accounts, rebalancing solutions and/or benchmarks to one another. This enables the user to easily evaluate current and/or optimal portfolios resulting from various strategies and to do so directly in the application.

New, highly user friendly data management features in the GUI allow customers to obtain data (e.g. PE ratios, historical returns, risk models, etc.) directly from Axioma, thereby enabling users to avoid the tedious and time-consuming process of importing their own data into the program.

Axioma Portfolio also incorporates the Axioma Alpha Factor, a patent-pending method that dramatically improves risk forecasts resulting from the use of factor models on optimized portfolios.

Axioma Portfolio, formerly known as PortfolioPrecision, leverages a revolutionary approach to managing active and passive portfolios based on Robust Mean Variance Optimization, a technique developed by Axioma that accurately deals with the intrinsic uncertainty present in all financial models and data. As a result, Axioma Portfolio produces more stable portfolios that are less sensitive to market fluctuations and thus reduces the cost of trading and implementation.

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