Calypso launches enterprise risk management platform

Source: Calypso Technology

Calypso Technology, Inc., a leading provider of capital markets trading software solutions for global financial institutions, today announced the launch of Calypso Enterprise Risk Service (ERS) which provides state-of-the-art risk management capabilities in a module designed specifically for risk controllers and managers.

Risk managers will be able to leverage this new module to monitor and oversee key risk exposures with measures such as Value-at-Risk, stress tests and risk factor sensitivities. Calypso ERS utilises a Service-Orientated-Architecture (SOA), distributes risk simulation analysis over a compute-grid and delivers results in a Web browser. This architecture is designed to meet the scalability, extensibility and deployment requirements that leading financial firms need to manage their business.

"The increasing complexity of financial instruments and phenomenal growth in markets such as credit derivatives have placed demands on existing risk management systems. This has made it harder for risk managers to get the visibility they need on enterprise risk exposure," says Amir Khwaja, Director of Risk Management at Calypso Technology, Inc. "We believe that with Calypso ERS, we have a product offering that enables financial firms to meet the challenge of calculating, aggregating and disseminating key risk measures that are same-day not next day, utilising pricing models calibrated by the firm and covering the depth and breadth of trading activity."

Calypso ERS is fully integrated with the rest of the Calypso suite of capital markets solutions and has the ability to grow in line with the demands of the market.

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