Taishin International Bank signs for BT voice trading technology

Source: BT

BT, one of the world's largest suppliers of financial trading room systems, today announced a new contract with Taishin International Bank in Taipei, Taiwan.

BT has won a competitive bid against two providers of voice trading technology to supply the bank with BT's ITS.Netrix multimedia collaboration device. The ITS.Netrix multimedia desktop device is equipped to manage all communications channels, including voice, video, email, web and options for chat and Instant Messaging.

The finance division of Taishin International Bank has implemented more than 100 ITS.Netrix positions for traders operating in money markets, bonds and securities. The bank is using the new technology to manage all voice communications and has the option to integrate other communication channels, such as video, email and web, in the future.

BT was responsible for providing the complete voice trading solution and worked with local companies, such as Delhum Technology, to install, test and commission all components, including voice recording software from Witness Systems. The voice recorder which has been integrated with the ITS platform and ITS.Netrix, will enable improved compliance, allowing the bank to store and retrieve all interactions executed using the system.

Dan Moran, general manager, North East Asia, BT Trading Systems, said: "This deal further cements BT's status in the Asia Pacific region as a leading supplier of trading communication technology. ITS.Netrix gives Taishin International Bank a single communications hub which allows ease of use, compliance and the opportunity for effortless future expansion of technology investment and operations."

In addition to the ITS.Netrix positions in Taipei, BT is also installing additional turrets in the bank’s Hong Kong office. By Installing the ITS.Netrix Taishin Bank has the flexibility to decide whether they are ready to migrate their mission-critical trading operations to IP (Internet Protocol), or prefer to mix and match IP and TDM technology side-by-side to suit their business needs.

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