Reuters showcases 3000 Xtra enhancements


Reuters (LSE: RTR), the global information company, today launched a significantly enhanced version of its flagship information system, Reuters 3000 Xtra. From the European ACI Congress, which opened today in London, Reuters unveiled significant enhancements designed especially for the Treasury market professionals providing improved functionality and analysis.

Mark Robson, Global Head of Treasury and Fixed Income, Reuters, said, "Up to the minute and easy to access news, information and analysis is extremely critical to the fast-paced FX markets. By listening to our customers and understanding their needs, we have developed this new enhancement which will make the data, analysis, transaction capabilities and news in our products more relevant and transparent for them."

The latest release of Reuters 3000 Xtra contains new tools specifically designed to enhance the workflow of Treasury end-users. New features and benefits include:

· New displays for FX forwards and deposits, showing the whole curve, start and maturity dates and day counts for deposits and outrights, with intuitive designs for quicker calculations.
· Specifically built and comprehensive FX, interest rate and economic displays, with a new graphics tool designed for the needs of Treasury market professionals, allowing each trader to personalise his/her market analysis
· For the first time, Reuters has included new displays for the Dealing 3000 Spot Matching community allowing for a view of the market from one clear, concise page; benefits include:
o Reuters shows the five highest and lowest dealt volumes and trade times so dealers can see an accurate picture of real high and low levels and easily identify off-market trades
o Regional open and close prices with high and low ranges, providing a quick view of trading activity around the globe in each time zone
o Full histories can be brought into graphics and excel
o Hourly snaps to mark to market price evaluation.
· Instant ‘G7’ economic indicator information, with forecasts, alerts and links to related news for detailed analysis.
· New real-time zero curves covering all tenors providing an accurate real time calculation based on best in class market information and include:
o Real-time updates ensure up-to-date curves in a moving market
o Source instruments are the most liquid interest rate instruments carried by Reuters
o Interpolation of curves provides a fine granularity of points across the term structure
o Source quotes can be ‘backed-out’ accurately from the zero curve

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