Diebold acquires Actcom

Source: Diebold

Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE:DBD), one of the nation's largest security integrators with expertise in the commercial, financial, government and retail markets, has expanded its government security function through the acquisition of Actcom, Inc.

A privately held company based in Virginia Beach, Va., Actcom is a leader in identification and enterprise security. The company's primary customers include federal government agencies, such as the Department of Defense, as well as state and municipal government agencies.

"Diebold is committed to growing its presence in the government market, and we will continue to make the investments that bring our customers access to the solutions that are vital to their operations in the government space," said Dennis M. Moriarty, senior vice president of Diebold Global Security. "Actcom has vast experience in physical security systems, as well as in many of the integrated systems currently in use by the federal government. Bringing our companies together will set new standards of excellence in security for the government market."

Among its most important assets, Actcom brings to the Diebold family substantial experience with the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12). Established as a national policy for federal departments and agencies, HSPD-12 prompts government entities to prioritize U.S. critical infrastructure and key resources to protect them from terrorist attacks. The directive is a driving force in the government security market. Actcom's most significant experience with the directive is in helping federal entities comply with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in response to HSPD- 12. Specifically, Actcom provides what is known as a FIPS 201 solution, which complies with HSPD-12 standards requiring the creation and issuance of a common identification and access control card, or credential, for all government entities.

"Actcom is a known leader in the HSPD-12/FIPS 201 solution environment," said V. John Stroia, vice president of government monitoring solutions for Diebold Global Security. "The company's active involvement in the fast-moving identification and security technology arena will enable Diebold to bolster its participation in these new programs and offer an immediate response to the growing demands of the government marketplace. This expertise is vital to the growth of our government division."

With additional locations in Washington, D.C.; and Jupiter, Fla., Actcom employs more than 50 experts in electronic security, security consulting and engineering, identity management solutions and wireless security networks. Ray Lorenzo, Actcom's president and CEO, said the company's expertise is a good fit with Diebold's national reach.

"Integrating the Actcom team's current and substantial knowledge of HSPD- 12 and the requirements of FIPS 201 with Diebold's national presence and support infrastructure will provide a significant and unique platform to address the urgent and challenging set of expectations the HSPD program demands," Lorenzo said. "The combined Diebold-Actcom team will be well- positioned to offer national support for agencies and organizations with widespread enterprise requirements."

Diebold Global Security is a leading security integrator with representation in every region of the world. Focused on the sale, installation and service of security components, Diebold serves the commercial, financial, government and retail markets. Diebold Global Security provides comprehensive identification, protection and detection solutions that include security and facility products, government and retail solutions and remote monitoring.

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