3i Asset management consults Tiger on outsourcing


Tiger Consultants Limited reports that its consultancy arm, Tiger Projects, has completed a comprehensive outsourcing project on behalf of 3i Asset Management, as the company reviewed its deal order entry, fund administration and accounting for the investment trusts and 3i Group’s own pension plan that it manages. The objective was to identify ways of improving the efficiency of 3i's processes, as well as achieving demonstrable and sustainable cost savings within the first year across fund administration and management.

Simon Howard, managing director of 3i Asset Management, explains the reason for selecting Tiger for this project: "We needed to work with a consultancy that could demonstrate an in- depth understanding of the asset management business, combined with a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to both strategic studies and implementation projects. Tiger’s skills and expertise have been clearly illustrated throughout the project, involving three distinct phases – the feasibility study, evaluation process, and finally the implementation itself. We have been well satisfied with the relationship and the results to date, and anticipate being able to see clear returns with regard to cost and efficiency savings in the short term."

Commenting for Tiger, David King highlighted the approach his team adopted for the 3i project: "This was a text book consultancy programme from our point of view, as we were able to make a contribution from the earliest stage through to the final implementation. We agreed with 3i from the outset that each stage would be handled in a self-contained way, so as to give the company full control before embarking on the next step. This proved the optimum method for ensuring that good checks and balances were instilled throughout, enabling us all to refine the working model to achieve the maximum results. We are confident that 3i will see tangible benefits from its combined outsourced/in-house system management in the very near future."

Tiger’s involvement with the 3i Asset Management project spanned a total of 10 months, involving:
  • a feasibility study within a 2-month timeframe, designed to identify whether a new system or an outsourced avenue should be applied.
  • an evaluation study to establish the best outsourcer and system platform, based on the criteria of business benefits, business risks, costs and probable time frames.
  • project managing the implementation, with the first trust going live on schedule and within budget just 3 months after the implementation programme started.

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