MyECheck upgrades Check 21-based online payment system

Source: MyECheck

MyECheck, Inc. announced today that it has launched version 2.0 of its patent pending Check 21 based Internet payment system.

MyECheck provides merchants, processors and banks with the fastest, lowest risk and most secure method of accepting and clearing checks online offering numerous benefits over both ACH based e-check systems and card systems. Version 2.0 greatly enhances the MyECheck offering by providing even faster funds availability, stronger fraud controls and simpler, more flexible integration options.

MyECheck version 2.0 represents a complete software redesign and upgrade enabling a web services model not previously offered. Merchants can now collect consumer payment information on their website in their own format, and pass the data to MyECheck for real-time fraud screen and RCC (remotely created check) image creation and clearing, with same day or next day availability of funds.

MyECheck provides access to more US consumers than any other single payment method because it can debit 100% of US checking accounts, including business accounts and accounts where ACH does not work.

Recent surveys indicate consumers are willing to spend more online if given an alternative to credit and debit cards. MyECheck provides the most viable alternative to cards by allowing consumers to pay by check, the most preferred non-cash payment method, and allowing merchants to capture additional sales.

In addition to Check 21 processing, MyECheck offers financial data verification and identity validation as stand alone services, or in any combination. Financial data verification services include MICR line validation, negative check-writer database queries and funds availability verification to dramatically reduce returned items.

Identity validation services include access to billions of public and private records used for both in-wallet and out-of-wallet authentication of Internet check-writers to mitigate fraud and prove check authorization. Through partnerships with industry leading providers, MyECheck also offers fully integrated collections and check guarantee services.

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