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FairXchange releases Sentinel AI

Source: FairXchange

FairXchange has launched Horizon Sentinel®, an AI-driven alerting tool that identifies commercially relevant changes to a Financial Institution’s liquidity and counterparty activity as soon as they occur.

Sentinel dramatically reduces the time Financial Institutions spend on analysing their FX liquidity data, freeing up time to maximise the opportunities identified. In addition to benefiting traders and salespeople, Sentinel is able to automatically notify compliance and management teams of specific changes they may need to be aware of, such as a significant change in transaction costs or notable changes in trading activity from a particular set of clients.

Sentinel compliments FairXchange’s existing analytics which provide rigorous period-to-period comparison and data-driven insights. It is available as an optional module in FairXchange’s data analytics platform, Horizon.

In the build up to the release, Sentinel has been trialled by a number of FairXchange’s long-standing clients including Sucden Financial.

Guy Hopkins, Founder and CEO of FairXchange said, “During our testing period, Sentinel has had an overwhelmingly positive response, transforming conversations between liquidity consumers and liquidity providers. In high complexity trading environments, it is becoming progressively harder for people to keep on top of all the recent developments. Sentinel watches your business for you and provides timely, automated notification of important changes as soon as they occur. This improves productivity, substantially reduces opportunity cost and allows clients to focus on what adds the most value both to their own firm and their counterparties”.

Wayne Roworth, Global Head of FX at Sucden Financial said, “We have been actively using the Sentinel AI tool in Horizon for several months, and it has had a substantial positive impact on our business. We have a complex trading business with many important counterparties, both on the liquidity provider and client side. FairXchange’s AI driven alerting empowers our team to keep abreast of every change in the business.

“Sentinel allows us to quickly identify potential changes and act upon them immediately. It informs my team and me of everything we need to know, allowing us to proactively manage dialogue with our counterparties. In particular, our liquidity providers very much value the fact that we can play an active role in monitoring the flow, highlighting areas of potential concern that we can then work on together. This makes for a much more balanced relationship, which importantly allows us to differentiate ourselves from our peers.

“The dialogue that this data facilitates, and the speed with which we can act upon it, has resulted in numerous improvements to our liquidity that have allowed us to increase our client volumes and associated revenues.”

FairXchange, part of United Fintech, is a data science firm specialising in Foreign Exchange markets. Its guiding principle is that trading FX should be commercially sustainable for all participants - both buy-side and sell-side alike.

FairXchange brings clarity and transparency to execution performance through the provision of independent data. Its state-of-the-art analytical product, Horizon is designed to facilitate constructive, data-driven dialogue between counterparties, helping them to identify mutually profitable opportunities.

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