MarkMonitor acquires CollectiveTrust

Source: MarkMonitor

MarkMonitor, the leader in online corporate identity protection, today announced it has acquired privately-held CollectiveTrust to add their Zero-Hour fraud protection technology to MarkMonitor's comprehensive portfolio of anti-fraud solutions.

This new capability will be incorporated with existing MarkMonitor fraud intelligence and analytics data to extend Zero-Hour fraud protection benefits to millions of consumers worldwide, as a new service to be deployed through MarkMonitor's existing relationships with major Internet Services Providers (ISPs).

CollectiveTrust pioneered the development of Zero-Hour fraud detection and notification technology that protects Internet users against phishing, identity theft, malware, trojans and other forms of online fraud - via an innovative, client-side solution easily integrated into Internet browsers and downloadable toolbars. By performing real-time heuristics on websites and applying contextual analytics, unsuspecting users are alerted via the browser or toolbar of potential online threats immediately when they are detected. With this new technology incorporated into MarkMonitor's extensive fraud database and proven fraud solutions, MarkMonitor is the first and only company able to provide real-time fraud notification services directly to the consumer at the point of interaction with fraudulent Websites.

"The CollectiveTrust acquisition is a natural extension of MarkMonitor's fraud prevention strategy. This innovative technology offers our corporate customers better online fraud protection and a new threat alert channel to their online customers," said Chris Bounds, CEO of MarkMonitor. "As online threats continue to rapidly evolve and impact major corporations and their customers, it is critical for them to adopt technologies that address these threats in real-time - in order to maintain consumer trust and confidence in their brand online."

In addition to the new technology, the acquisition brings two industry leaders to MarkMonitor - Blake Hayward and Adam Stiles, co-founders of CollectiveTrust. Mr. Hayward has over 13 years of experience developing solutions for the financial services industry and previously, was general manager of Risk Management Solutions at Yodlee, Inc. before founding CollectiveTrust. Mr. Stiles has over eight years experience in building customer browser solutions and is widely recognized as the creator of NetCaptor, the industry's first tab-based browser, which has received praise from many industry experts.

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