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LamaTechnology updates app

Source: LamaTechnology

LamaTechnology Unveils Lama App Version 2 and Announces Upcoming Lama Visa Cards for the EEA market.

LamaTechnology, a leading fintech innovator, are excited to announce the deployment of Lama App Version 2, designed to enhance user experience and financial flexibility. Additionally, LamaTechnology is set to launch Lama Visa cards later in the summer, allowing users to pay and withdraw in Euros or their preferred cryptocurrency.

Enhanced User Experience with Lama App Version 2

Lama App Version 2 introduces several key features to streamline financial management for our users:

• Seamless Integration: Effortlessly manage Euro and cryptocurrency assets within a single platform.
• Enhanced Security: Advanced security protocols to ensure the safety of user data and transactions.
• User-Friendly Interface: A more intuitive and efficient design for improved user experience.

Introducing Lama Business

Lama Technology is also pleased to introduce Lama Business, aimed at providing tailored financial solutions for businesses of all sizes:

• Lama Business Classic (Free Plan): Ideal for freelancers and startups.
• Lama Business Classic Plus : Designed for SMEs, small shops, coffee shops, and restaurants.
• Lama Business Suri: Tailored for medium-sized businesses looking to expand.
• Lama Business Vicuna: A comprehensive solution for large enterprises. Which will be coming later this year

Upcoming Lama Visa Cards

Later this summer LamaTechnology will launch Lama Visa cards, providing unparalleled financial flexibility to both individual and business customers:

• Multi-Currency Support: Users can withdraw and pay using Euros or a variety of cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, USDC, and more.
• Global Accessibility: Withdraw funds from ATMs worldwide and make payments seamlessly with the currency of your choice.

Supported Markets and Cryptocurrencies

Lama App Version 2 will initially be available in the following countries: Spain, Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia , Netherlands, France, Germany, Estonia, and Sweden.

The app supports a range of cryptocurrencies, including BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), USDC (USD Coin), BNB (Binance Coin), FLOW (Flow), SHIBA (Shiba Inu) and DAI (Dai)  

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