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Qualpay integrates with Aevi

Source: Qualpay

Qualpay, a technology-first payments platform, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Aevi, the industry-leading platform provider for in-person payment orchestration.

The strategic integration will enable Qualpay to extend its existing e-commerce focused platform by offering a comprehensive card-present solution to a diverse customer base.

With the integration of Aevi’s open and cloud-based payment platform, Qualpay can now provide real-time data synchronization between in-person transactions and e-commerce operations. This holistic view of transactions will empower businesses to make better and more efficient decisions, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

Penny Townsend, CPO, Qualpay: “Partnering with Aevi aligns perfectly with our mission to provide a comprehensive, seamless payment experience for our customers. This partnership is not only a pivotal step in our growth strategy but is setting a new standard in payment solutions. We look forward to delivering even more value to our merchants and partners as we expand our platform capabilities.”

Aevi’s platform brings full flexibility to Qualpay’s offerings. By leveraging Aevi’s advanced payment orchestration capabilities, Qualpay can seamlessly integrate in-person payments data into their existing platform and offer their merchants and partners a single unified experience. This flexibility ensures that Qualpay’s customers can support independent software vendors (ISVs), catering to various business needs and consumer preferences.

Alex Benjamin, Head of Business Development, Aevi: “We are thrilled to partner with Qualpay on this exciting journey. Our in-person payment orchestration platform is designed to provide the flexibility and scalability that modern businesses need, and we are confident that our partnership will drive significant value for Qualpay and their customers.”

Aevi’s technology and dedication to in-person payment innovation make them an ideal partner for Qualpay to solidify its position as a leader in payment processing and financial technology.

As Qualpay continues to innovate and expand, this partnership marks a crucial milestone in its mission to deliver superior payment solutions.

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