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Brankas and Global Finteq team on Lending-as-a-Service in the Philippines

Source: Brankas

Brankas and Global Finteq have announced a strategic partnership to launch one of the first Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) platforms in the Philippines.

Established banks, rural banks, and even non-traditional financial institutions are now able to lend at scale as existing loan products can now exist outside of the traditional channels such as physical bank branches or websites.

Any platform managing customer funds can transform into a one-stop shop for new loan applications and in-app loan servicing, fostering “platform stickiness” as users are encouraged to repeatedly transact and increase deposits on these platforms. This translates to revenue growth for both lenders and lending partners.

The new platform leverages Brankas’ multi-bank APIs and Global Finteq’s 30-year expertise in developing loan management solutions. With APIs that facilitate account balance sharing, credit assessments, bulk loan disbursements, and automated loan repayments, together with a market-ready loan management platform, Brankas and Global Finteq are expected to accelerate digital lending in the Philippines.

“Our joint LaaS platform represents a win-win-win for lenders, platforms that want to offer an embedded finance experience, and both corporate and private borrowers.” said Todd Schweitzer, CEO and Co-founder of Brankas. “It is especially significant for non-traditional financial institutions who have aspirations to become lenders as we help accelerate the journey to becoming a lender and onboard new borrowers.”

“This partnership signifies a significant leap forward for financial services in the Philippines,” said Mike Yeoh, CEO of Global Finteq. “Our LaaS platform removes traditional barriers to entry, allowing a wider range of institutions to offer lending services. This, along with the secure data exchange and real-time access to financial services facilitated by Brankas and Global Finteq, will be instrumental in empowering underserved communities and fostering financial inclusion across the Philippines.” 

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