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Spring Labs introduces AI copilot for fintechs

Source: Spring Labs

Personal finance is a high priority for consumers with more than a third of Americans reviewing their checking account balance daily.

Meanwhile, more than ever, people are migrating from traditional banking services to fintechs. Against this backdrop, fast-growing fintechs are more likely to invest in CX enhancements sooner than their slower-growth and less nimble counterparts.

To meet these needs, Spring Labs, the intelligent AI powerhouse for financial services founded by seasoned fintech entrepreneurs, is today introducing a new AI copilot for fintechs called Raia. Raia's conversational intelligence capabilities go far beyond chatbots and simple process automation and can automatically identify hidden topics, analyze sentiment, triage issues and execute workflows. The tool automatically converts any web or mobile application workflow into a conversational workflow. Customers will be able to chat with Raia to do things like: change account details, payment dates, reset their password or ask for bill clarification.

In addition, Raia natively integrates in popular and homegrown CRM, CMS, LOS and LMS platforms and more. It easily installs on top of existing tools and harnesses customer data from across the enterprise to make customer service, app support, customer success and collections teams up to 80 percent more efficient.

"The use of an AI copilot in the fintech sector is relatively untapped," says John Sun, CEO and Founder, Spring Labs. "Raia powers up fintechs by offering a much richer experience than traditional chatbots while unleashing the power of AI on the tools your teams and customers use the most. With Raia, customers can solve their own problems, resulting in an expected 30 percent fewer call center contacts. Moreover, compliance teams can spend up to an estimated 70 percent more time resolving customer complaints by using Raia to instantly understand and triage accurately."

With Raia, fintech firms will be able to deliver an outstanding experience at scale, personalized to the needs of each customer. They will be able to improve the self-service capabilities inherent in their apps, allowing customers to self-service without needing to call in, and giving them a valuable option to have their needs met instantly. Raia also features superior ease of integration and use and fast deployment. Additionally, fintechs can leverage Raia's complaint analysis capabilities to help grow their compliance processes to be more accurate and scalable. 

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