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Amina Bank launches crypto payment network

Source: Amina Bank

AMINA Bank, a licensed and FINMA-regulated digital assets bank, has today announced the launch of the AMINA Payment Network (APN).

Designed to address the needs of the crypto banking world, APN helps to facilitate real-time payments to other APN members. This new service aims to keep users ahead and connected, ensuring seamless and timely financial transactions.

Myles Harrison, Chief Product Officer at AMINA Bank said: “In an age where 24/7 cryptocurrency asset markets are normalised, and wider global crypto adoption continues to grow at pace, the demand for faster transactions is no longer a want, but a need. With the introduction of the AMINA Payment Network, the facilitation of seamless cross-border transactions between network members across the globe is realised, and the required efficiency of money markets can meet the demands of the current financial landscape.”

APN supports CHF, EUR and USD payments between APN members, providing flexibility and efficiency for individuals and businesses. Additional currencies will be added in the coming months.

The launch of the APN further solidifies AMINA Bank’s role as a leader in crypto banking.

Members can join with an introductory offer of zero membership and transaction fees. The APN is currently available to existing AMINA Bank clients. Members must have an AMINA current account to access the network.

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