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EBay adds Venmo as payment option

Source: eBay

eBay is expanding payment method choice at checkout by adding Venmo. The move to introduce new, popular and modern payment options aligns with the evolving preferences of today’s digital natives.

This convenient, simple, and safe payment method will bring eBay buyers in the U.S. even more choice and flexibility during the checkout experience. Known for its popularity among Gen Z and Millennials, buyers can enjoy the simplicity of paying for purchases with their Venmo balance, or their bank account, debit card, or credit card linked to their Venmo account.

By integrating Venmo, a platform already embraced by more than 90 million highly engaged users, eBay taps into the modern and mobile-first consumer. Notably, a vibrant 28% of Venmo's users are Gen Zers and Millennials within the 18 to 29 age bracket—a demographic renowned for its tech-savviness. Given that over 60% of eBay volume comes from mobile devices, Venmo's mobile platform is ideal for digitally savvy shoppers looking for a simple and fast checkout process.

The ability to pay with Venmo will be available to U.S. buyers on eBay.com and the eBay app in the coming week.

Buyers Love Venmo on eBay — It's Fast, Secure, and Social
Once buyers have linked their Venmo account to their eBay account, they can sail through checkout without manually entering their payment details in subsequent transactions. After completing a purchase with Venmo, buyers can choose to share the payment in the Venmo feed bringing more awareness to the ability to pay with Venmo on eBay. Buyers can also shop with confidence knowing eligible payments are covered by Purchase Protection in the event there’s an issue with their purchase.

For Sellers, There are New Customers Around the Corner
For sellers, offering buyers trusted, relevant, and convenient ways to pay helps reduce abandoned carts and drive sales. Sellers don’t need to do anything on their account to offer Venmo as a payment method for their buyers.

eBay’s Payments Strategy
eBay’s payments strategy aims to deliver frictionless, relevant, and safe commerce experiences for millions of buyers and sellers that transact on eBay every day across 190 markets. Offering customers choice, flexibility, and control in how they pay and get paid on the marketplace ensures they can focus on what matters most to them - pursuing their passions and growing their business.

The ability to pay with Venmo at checkout continues eBay’s push toward tapping into a younger demographic with Venmo’s heavy adoption among Gen Z and Millennials. In addition to Venmo, buyers on eBay have the option to pay with a breadth of popular and relevant payment methods based on their needs and preference including major credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and BNPL offerings in select markets. 

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