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Bud Financial joins the Akoya network

Source: Bud Financial

Bud Financial (“Bud”), a leading data intelligence platform, has announced it is connected to Akoya, a leader in the growing U.S. open banking ecosystem, to enhance financial services with hyper-personalized digital experiences, cashflow analytics, and new growth opportunities.

These two powerhouses share a goal to harness the power of open finance and data intelligence, allowing financial institutions to better serve the needs of their diverse customer base and find new growth opportunities. Akoya’s robust, secure and scalable open finance network of trusted data providers, in combination with Bud’s advanced, AI-powered data enrichment techniques, will help financial institutions to build financial experiences that truly resonate with individual needs.

The collaboration is founded on both Akoya’s and Bud’s shared ethics principles where end-user consent and data security underpin the value-added services offered to financial institutions and consumers.

“We’re really excited to bring together Bud’s AI banking personalization with Akoya’s unique data aggregation capabilities,” said Ed Maslaveckas, Co-Founder and CEO of Bud Financial. “Banks and fintechs that work with Bud can leverage a full stack solution, bringing all consumer data into one place with access to tools that understand the data. This means anyone within a financial institution can create hyper-personalized experiences or insights, improving cross and up-sell of product.”

Organizations that work with Bud can unlock:

Personalization: Using advanced data methodologies, financial organizations can provide bespoke digital experiences that align with individual customer preferences and habits.
Next-Generation Personal Financial Management (PFM): Take advantage of holistic transactional data knowledge to create cutting-edge PFM solutions that allow consumers to manage their money with clarity and comfort.
Enhanced Cash Flow Analytics and Risk Management: By using live transactional data, financial platforms can gain a larger understanding of cash flow trends, which ultimately supports better decision-making and risk control.
Customer Data Insights: This new collaboration offers financial businesses insights that come from large amounts of customer data, driving targeted marketing initiatives, product creation, and customer loyalty.

“The powerful combination of Akoya’s trusted data network and Bud’s secure, easy to deploy, transaction enrichment promises significant benefits for businesses and consumers alike,” said Behram Panthaki, COO of Akoya. “Increased transparency, enhanced customer experiences, and streamlined operations are just a few of the ways this partnership will deliver real value.”

“Bud and Akoya will give clients the tools they need to maximize the value of their customer data and find quick and sustainable ways to grow. We can’t wait to see what our clients build next,” said Maslaveckas.

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