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Capchase expands to Ireland

Source: Capchase

Capchase, the revenue acceleration platform for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, today announced it has expanded its services to Ireland.

The company now operates in seven European markets, with a total of nine countries across the globe. The expansion comes at a time when venture capital funding in Europe fell by more than 45% in 2023 compared to the previous year. Capchase aims to address the challenges posed by the recent decline in venture capital funding by providing startups with the necessary capital and tools to thrive.

Through this expansion, Capchase’s complete suite of non-dilutive financing and revenue acceleration products will be available to eligible SaaS companies in Ireland, including:

• Capchase Grow: Capchase’s flagship product offering access to non-dilutive capital based on future revenue growth to scale a business.
• Capchase Pay: A flexible financing product created to decrease the length of SaaS sales cycles and close deals faster.
• Capchase Collect: An invoice collections tool for SaaS that automates the invoicing process by sending reminders and offering a system for easy re-payment to expedite revenue growth.
• Capchase Infra: A software solution for banks and other lending institutions to make informed credit decisions when evaluating high-growth companies by automating their data collection, underwriting, and risk monitoring processes.

Capchase's expansion to Ireland is a natural step forward for the company, driven by the region's burgeoning startup ecosystem, evidenced by a significant surge of nearly 950 new companies registered in 2023.

“As Capchase continues to pioneer revenue acceleration for SaaS companies worldwide, expanding to Ireland marks a significant milestone in our global growth journey with a presence in almost a dozen markets,” said Miguel Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Capchase. “With capital already available to SaaS companies in Ireland, we are committed to supporting founders as they navigate growing their business and runway during economic uncertainty.”

"What ultimately drew us to Capchase over other funding options was the tailored plan they crafted for us that met our requirements and goals. Capchase clearly outlined our revenue growth trajectory and what milestones we needed to hit to secure future drawdowns,” said Juan Sebastian, COO at Audiense. “With Capchase, we now have control over our revenue and cash flow. We can make more informed decisions about our business, and that is invaluable.’’

Capchase’s expansion into Ireland follows a recent €105 million credit facility warehouse led by Deutsche Bank and i80 Group. With this new financing, Capchase has received more than $1 billion in combined debt and equity financing since its founding in 2020. The money secured from Deutsche Bank and i80 will also be available to SaaS companies across Ireland that are eligible for non-dilutive financing.  

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