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ConnexPay introduce AI-boosted Intelligent Payouts

Source: ConnexPay

ConnexPay, the world’s first all-in-one payments platform, today announced the launch of its patent-pending Intelligent PayOuts technology.

Intelligent PayOuts is embedded into ConnexPay's best-in-class payments platform and harnesses the core elements of AI, machine learning and big data to deliver optimal payment outcomes for clients around the world.

“ConnexPay continues to be at the forefront of payments innovation, with our launch of Intelligent PayOuts being another prime example,” said Ben Peters, Chief Executive Officer at ConnexPay. “This market-leading technology is truly generative and derives learnings from our global payment network to ensure each client delivers the right payment to achieve the optimal payment outcome.”

Top Intelligent PayOuts outcomes:

Boost card acceptance
Reduce cross-border and FX fees
Maximize rebates
Strategic supplier payments

Intelligent PayOuts optimizes outcomes based on all transaction volume across the ConnexPay network. Clients not only benefit from better outcomes based on their payment volume, but they also benefit from results based on the entire network's volume — a much larger data set than they would be able to draw upon on their own.

Earlier this year, ConnexPay announced the launch of ConnexPay Exclusives, a suite of payment capabilities that includes the Global Travel card, Flex card, and ConnexPay UATP card.

Peters continued, “The combination of Intelligent Payouts, ConnexPay Exclusives, and our multi-card network provides our clients unmatched breadth to drive the best results for their business.”

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