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Paysecure expands into LatAm

Source: Paysecure

Paysecure, an international payments orchestration platform, is thrilled to announce that a55 has joined Paysecure as part of its strategic expansion plans.

This partnership signifies a major step in Paysecure’s commitment to enhancing its service offerings and extending its reach into the Latin American (LATAM) market, including regions such as Brazil, Mexico and many others to come. The collaboration between Paysecure and a55 is poised to revolutionize banking services for SMEs, enabling seamless integration with banks and PSPs in the region.

Paysecure’s advanced orchestration platform now offers an array of banking services, lending solutions, and innovative payment methods, including the popular Pix system. Through this partnership, a55 gains the ability to actively participate in the Pix ecosystem, providing clients with enhanced transactional capabilities and streamlined payment processes.

“We are thrilled to forge a strategic alliance with a55, advancing our expansion plans into the LATAM market,” said Amit Hooja, CEO at Paysecure. “This partnership is of great significance as we introduce our feature-rich orchestration platform to LATAM. With tailored lending capabilities and cutting-edge card processing solutions, our platform is poised to empower SMEs across the region. I am delighted to welcome André Wetter and Andre Luiz Silva as part of our team. I have unwavering confidence in their remarkable capabilities, extensive expertise, and invaluable vision as we continue to innovate the industry.”

The partnership between Paysecure and a55 began in the first quarter of 2024, with a55Pay serving as one of Paysecure’s payment facilitators in Brazil. This collaboration has met the growing demand for payment methods in the national market, enabling customers to purchase products from merchants connected to Paysecure. Since January, transactions from this partnership have already surpassed almost R$ 25 million. As part of this strategic alliance, Paysecure is making a direct investment in a55, acquiring a significant share of the company’s capital.

André Wetter, CEO of a55, commented on the partnership and investment, saying, “With the help from Paysecure, we plan to accelerate our product roadmap, focusing on bringing foreign clients to Brazil through a55Pay. This partnership allows us to offer capabilities we previously couldn’t, such as expanding our banking and credit offering and solutions to a global audience.

The funds will enable us to better use the SCD license, enhancing our ability to provide advanced financial services and credit solutions. Additionally, part of the investment will be used to acquire software licenses that utilize various payment methods, which will be instrumental in expanding our offerings in Latam. This capital infusion, along with Paysecure’s expertise, will allow us to further our mission in supporting small companies with the necessary financial resources.”

Since its inception, Paysecure has firmly established itself as a dominant player in the iGaming market, commanding a significant share. While its roots lie in gaming, Paysecure has evolved into a versatile payment solution provider serving a diverse range of industries including eCommerce, marketplace, forex, eSports, and more, on a global scale. The company has processed hundreds of URLs and traffic, facilitating seamless transactions for its clients.

Paysecure’s expansion into LATAM underscores its mission to deliver innovative, secure, and efficient payment solutions globally. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and deep industry expertise, Paysecure continues to pave the way for seamless financial transactions across diverse markets.

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