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NCR Atleos deploys first ATMs in UK

Source: NCR Atleos

NCR Atleos Corporation (NYSE: NATL) (“Atleos”), a leader in expanding self-service financial access for financial institutions, retailers and consumers, today announced it has deployed its first multi-bank deposit ATMs in the UK. Deposit-taking ATMs are vital for cash-reliant UK consumers.

Atleos is initially deploying deposit-taking ATMs connected to the LINK ATM network in major retailers. The first deployment was in the Co-op Food store in Ormskirk, and was followed by locations in Dover, Heathfield and Swanage. Further deployments are scheduled over the coming weeks in locations including Bourne, Cardigan, Chipping Norton, Finchley, Kendal, Oxted, Shanklin and Whitehaven. LINK is the UK’s cash machine network, connecting virtually all the UK’s ATMs and ensuring communities have the access to cash that they need.

“Following the recent closures of local bank branches in Ormskirk, I’m delighted to see a new cash deposit service installed at the Co-op on Wigan Road,” said Ashley Dalton MP – West Lancashire. “Access to cash is vitally important to our community and is especially important in supporting local and independent shops and services. I hope that the new machine will give a boost to the local economy and provide the much-needed access to cash that some residents rely on.”

“Co-op is committed to serving and supporting its communities, conveniently, and operating at the heart of local life,” said Lisa Edwards, Director Co-op Business Services. “This includes developing the added services which matter to our member-owners and customers. We know that our communities value the free access to cash that ATMs at Co-op stores provide in towns, villages and cities across the UK through our partnership with NCR Atleos, and we are delighted to build on this with the addition of a cash deposit service.”

“As banks continue to rationalize their branch networks, the UK banking industry collectively needs to ensure continued access to cash services for all, and adding deposit taking functionality to our existing Cashzone ATM network is an integral first step in achieving this goal,” said Diego Navarrete, executive vice president, Global Sales for Atleos. “Deposit-taking ATMs are particularly beneficial for consumers who need to make deposits outside of regular banking hours or in locations where there are no physical bank branches nearby. We anticipate banks will increasingly look to this service to maintain cash access for all across the UK.” 

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