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PayQuicker ships InstaPay for on-demand earned income access

Source: PayQuicker

PayQuicker, a leader in global payouts orchestration, today announced the launch of Insta-Pay, a powerful new solution enabling businesses to offer on-demand earned income access.

Built on PayQuicker’s Payouts OS platform, Insta-Pay is designed to change the way employees access their earned incomes, providing financial flexibility and peace of mind.

With Insta-Pay, individuals no longer have to wait for traditional paydays and can instead request access to their hard-earned income in real-time, anytime. This new solution empowers employees to bridge financial gaps, cover unexpected expenses, and achieve greater financial stability by requesting access to a portion of their earned incomes on demand.

“With the global workforce rapidly evolving toward on-demand models, the importance of earned income access cannot be overstated,” said Paul Beldham, CEO and President at PayQuicker. “Insta-Pay doesn’t just offer on-demand earned income access; it provides the freedom to seize opportunities and weather storms, empowering individuals to sculpt their financial destinies, while simultaneously equipping businesses with the flexibility to adapt and thrive in the modern global economy.”

Key benefits of Insta-Pay for individuals and businesses include:

Request Earned Income Anytime: Request delivery of all, or a portion of, earned incomes instantly, anytime, anywhere, directly from a mobile device or computer. Enhance cash flow control while meeting financial obligations more efficiently.
Empower Side Hustlers: Offer side hustlers a tool to unlock the value of their efforts in real-time with instant access to earnings. This benefit not only validates their entrepreneurial pursuits but also motivates them to further invest in and expand their side businesses.
Seamless Integration: PayQuicker’s Payouts OS platform seamlessly integrates with existing payroll systems, making implementation effortless for employers and HR departments.
Security and Compliance: PayQuicker prioritizes the security and privacy of employee data, employing industry-leading security measures and compliance protocols to safeguard sensitive information.

“Insta-Pay is the culmination of an evolutionary journey in how people access their hard-earned incomes. From the days of cash-in-hand to the convenience of direct deposit, and even the most recent trend of two-day early pay, the landscape of payday accessibility is continuously evolving with on-demand pay,” said Nazuk Jain, Vice President of Product at PayQuicker. “With Insta-Pay we are redefining the paradigm of income accessibility, offering individuals instant, on-demand access to their hard-earned money, anytime, anywhere. This innovative solution not only aligns with the modern lifestyle of flexibility and convenience, but also addresses the evolving needs of a dynamic gig economy workforce and side-hustle entrepreneurs.”

PayQuicker’s Insta-Pay solution aims to transform the way employers support their workforce, fostering a culture of financial empowerment and well-being. By offering employees greater control over their finances, businesses can enhance employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

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