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Spendesk debuts community-designed API

Source: Spendesk

Spendesk, the complete spend management platform, today announces the public availability of its community-designed API; permitting businesses to unlock the true value of their spend data.

The availability of Spendesk’s API enables organisations to connect other business-critical tools directly into Spendesk’s capabilities, without the limitations of a predetermined app. Leveraging the API, businesses can utilise their data from Spendesk across their tool stack to:

Enrich company financial data with spend data to enhance decision-making
Automate data transfer to their accounting tools
Enable greater visibility on team spend, spend trends, and budget predictions within a flexible, customised user interface
Track and allocate costs in near real time
Customise tool stacks to connect with HR, accounting, BI, project tools, and many more
Monitor business-critical processes with options for tracking, alerts, reminders, and warnings

The API and subsequent integrations have already helped customers to transform spend management processes, with notable results including:

Month end closing time reduced by four days thanks to accounting connection
HR tools user base as the source of truth with HR integration
100% centralisation of company financial data using Spendesk connection to a BI tool

The API also opens up new avenues for Spendesk’s partners, system integrators, and other software companies via the newly launched Spendesk Partner Marketplace. Outside parties can now tap into Spendesk’s customer base of 5000+ companies by building for them the critical Spendesk <> 3rd Party Integrations they’re looking for.

What has especially set the Spendesk API apart is how it was built. Spendesk’s products are built for finance yet always designed around people. The API was launched in beta fully open, ungated, with specs and a developer portal available to solicit feedback. This community approach is what allowed the company to deliver an API validated by developers and fit for purpose.

LicenceOne was the first Spendesk partner to get to market using the API. Emilien Potin, CTO at LicenceOne said: “Integrating with Spendesk API was a quick and effortless process. The supportive API team was friendly and highly reactive. This resulted in a smooth experience that has improved the value of both products for our common customers.”

Ryan Clifford, Platform Group Product Manager at Spendesk commented: “Embedding Spendesk into the broad tool stack is critical for modern day finance teams to streamline processes and enhance control. At Spendesk we have co-designed our API with customers and partners, keeping developer experience top of mind when designing the API, the documentation and tooling.

“Our open and collaborative approach to building the API platform is a demonstration of how we see and value developers increasingly having more autonomy to drive businesses forward. Developers have always been involved when building for customer needs, however, now developers are at the forefront of the business when making decisions.”

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