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Reltime unveils decentralised xxchange for securities, utility tokens and digital Fiat/CBDC

Source: Reltime

Reltime is pleased to announce the launch of its Decentralised Exchange (DEX) platform, setting a new standard for trading Securities, Utility tokens, Digital FIAT, and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

This revolutionary platform, built on Reltime's Layer-1 Proof of Authority Blockchain, offers lightning-fast transaction times under 2 seconds and connects with nine top non-custodial wallets in the industry, ensuring unparalleled liquidity and trading efficiency.

The platform enables our enterprise customers to build their own customized branded DEX and is poised to transform the market by providing a robust and scalable solution for enterprises that plan to mint and list their tokens on their own branded DEX platform and global traders.

Key features of the DEX platform include:
• Instant Transactions: With a 2-second transaction time, users can experience seamless and superior trading experiences.
• Regulatory Compliance: Partnering with regulatory bodies in 150 countries, Reltime facilitates deposits through various methods, including IBAN, Card, and more, ensuring secure and compliant transactions
• Comprehensive Integration: The DEX platform supports various financial instruments, as detailed on the Reltime platform.
• White-Label Solution: Delivered as a white-label product, the DEX has already secured many customer agreements with major industry players in Africa and North America, underscoring its market readiness and demand.

For more information, visit: https://dex.reltime.com

Marlene Julo, Co-Founder & CEO of Reltime said,

“I am immensely proud with the launch of our groundbreaking DEX. This is a pivotal moment for our customers, partners, broader financial industry and Reltime. The DEX platform, built on our Layer-1 Blockchain, not only exemplifies our commitment to innovation, but also addresses the growing demand for secure, fast, and compliant trading solutions.

Our DEX platform represents the culmination of years of R&D and collaboration with regulatory partners. We have designed a platform that ensures extremely fast transaction times, robust security architecture, and seamless integration with various financial instruments”.

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