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Reltime opens crypto payments gateway

Source: Reltime

Reltime, a leading innovator in blockchain and Web3 technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of its state-of-the-art Global Payment Gateway (GW), designed to empower merchants and shops worldwide to accept payments from all popular digital currencies.

This GW supports seamless, cost-effective transactions for both online and in-store purchases, leveraging Reltime's award-winning Layer1 Blockchain and brings many benefits to merchants.

- Zero Set-up Fee: Making it accessible for all businesses.
- Fast Transactions: Complete transactions in real time
- Multi-asset support: Accept payments in all digital currencies incl. Digital USD/EUR, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
- Global Reach: Tap into a market of over 420 million crypto owners, projected to reach 1 billion during 2024.
- Secure & Transparent: Utilize blockchain for top class security & transparency.
- White label: Offer the payment GW to the mass-market globally with your own brand and tokens.

High growth market
The global cryptocurrency payment gateway market is poised for exponential growth. With over $500 million processed in crypto monthly and an estimated 1 million transactions per month, the adoption of crypto payments is accelerating. The number of cryptocurrency owners grew by 39% in 2022, and as analysts predict, the global crypto community is expected to hit 1 billion users during 2024. This growth signifies a massive opportunity for businesses to attract and retain a global customer base by integrating crypto payment solutions.

Marlene Julo, Co-founder, and Majority Owner of Reltime, stated: "We are excited to announce the launch of our new volume product, designed as an alternative to Visa and Mastercard. This product offers significantly lower costs and instant settlement. With this launch, our portfolio of digital assets and CBDCs has expanded globally, further establishing Reltime as a comprehensive one-stop shop for Web3 solutions for our customers and partners."

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