GFI upgrades Fenics FX software

Source: GFI

GFI Group Inc. (GFIG on NASDAQ), a leading inter-dealer broker, has released the latest version of its award-winning FENICS FX pricing and risk management software.

Banks can now quickly price complex strategies and strips in a secure version-controlled environment and with post-trade STP.

FENICS FX 10.1 gives banks' sales people the ability to rapidly price structured products based on ideas developed by their structurers. Banks can therefore respond quickly to clients' requests for quotes using a robust system deployable across both their expert structurers and the entire sales force.

Matt Woodhams, GFI's global head, data and analytics, said, "This new structuring ability has come out of close work with a number of our FENICS FX clients and the feedback has been most positive. Not only can they do more business more quickly, but also FENICS totally eliminates the risk of using different versions of spreadsheets and unauthorized price calculations. Also, some of these structures are routinely comprised of well over a hundred legs and FENICS manages all the accounting with STP into the banks' back office systems."

Colin Heffron, GFI's president, said, "Banks are looking for new ways of increasing flows in an increasingly vanilla forex options market. With FENICS FX, sales people and regional banks have access to structured pricing tools with power that was formerly available solely to the creators of these products. The result is an empowered, faster, more responsive sales force; tools to help them rapidly deliver innovative structured solutions for their clients' foreign exchange requirements; reduced operational risk; and more STP."

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