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Stratiphy wins FCA approval

Source: Stratiphy

Investment strategy builder application, Stratiphy has obtained new approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which enables the company to manage investments on behalf of clients, as well as automating trading activities based on individual principles, objectives and preferences.

As a result of the approval, Stratiphy can now provide retail investors with access to services that were once exclusive to major financial institutions. Moving forward, customers can leverage Stratiphy’s app to develop truly tailored investment portfolios that are diversified, risk-adjusted and automated. The first-of-its-kind ruling marks a major step change in the retail investment landscape that will enable customers to benefit from sophisticated and personalised investment strategies, which were previously inaccessible to them.

This achievement establishes Stratiphy as the first independent wealth management solution with FCA authorisation to manage retail client investments in a truly accessible and personalised manner. The feat was accomplished after two years of rigorous consultations and discussions with legal compliance experts together with the FCA. Stratiphy's commitment to broadening investment opportunities for retail investors fuelled its perseverance through the challenging approval process.

Speaking on the new announcement, Daniel Gold, CEO and Founder of Stratiphy commented: "We are thrilled to have obtained our authorised status from the FCA, especially given our ambitious requirements that are needed to enable our business model. Many experts told us what we were asking for would not be possible, so this reaching critical milestone is a testament to our team’s tenacity, and it validates our commitment to providing everyday investors with the very best tools for the job.

“The FCA is well-known for applying a rigorous approval process, ensuring that authorised firms are resilient, protect their customers and look after their interests. It is also renowned for being one of the most forward thinking regulators, and their embrace of innovation gives us the green light to move forward with our plans to chart new territory in the wealth management industry and to redefine the opportunities available to retail investors. As a company we are committed to elevating the level of sophistication and personalisation offered to our users, and our aim is to level the playing field between the top level of investors and the wider market.”

The FCA's endorsement unlocks new capabilities within Stratiphy's innovative platform. Moving forward, the company can offer retail investors automated investment strategies that are customised to each investor’s needs and goals. This advancement contrasts sharply with the traditional 'one-size-fits-all' approach of model portfolio solutions, granting retail investors access to sophisticated investment algorithms once exclusive to major hedge funds and banks.

Nikki Hawkes, Stratiphy's Head of Growth, commented: "Having received FCA approval, we are thrilled to introduce our solution to customers. As a company, our motivation comes from a desire to help people in planning their financial future, a worry that’s more and more pressing among the next generation of investors. By offering access to personalised investment strategies, we are giving people across the UK the tools to achieve this.”

As preparations for growth intensify, the company has a strong pipeline of new features lined up and anticipates a series of pivotal developments in the coming months that will further define its trajectory in the market.

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