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Western Union launches eSIM mobile data service

Source: eSIM Go

eSIM Go today announced Western Union as the latest major brand to launch an eSIM mobile data service using its Powered by Breeze solution.

“Western Union eSIM, Powered by Breeze” is available now to Western Union digital wallet customers, offering extensive coverage into 150+ countries with a range of data bundles running on over 1,000 Tier 1 mobile networks, with the ability to top-up instantly whenever needed.

Equipping digital wallet customers with global connectivity possibilities serves the dual purpose of traveling with ease and optimizing access to digital banking services from anywhere. Western Union eSIMs give customers hassle-free access to wallet-friendly data roaming, either to use on their next foreign trip or to effortlessly send to family and friends living abroad.

Mitch Fordham, CRO and Co-Founder at eSIM Go, said: “Western Union is connecting people with their families and loved ones around the world, for more than 170 years now, which is why eSIM is such a valuable addition to their customer experience. The motivation is simply to make customers’ lives easier, championing their desire for convenient, reliable and accessible data roaming that they can use themselves or gift to loved ones. We’re delighted to collaborate on this project, delivering the widest choice of high-quality connectivity including extensive multi-network and 5G eSIM coverage.”

Western Union’s digital wallet customers in Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania can access Western Union eSIM, Powered by Breeze from their digital banking app and transact in the currency and language of their choice. Using or sending eSIMs is simple, allowing customers to stay effortlessly connected with family and friends. And there’s hundreds of bundles to choose from, ranging in size from 1GB to 50GB, both for individual countries and regions. eSIMs can be purchased up to 12 months before activation and installed on any eSIM-compatible device. Once purchased, topping up or adding coverage in extra countries is easy on the same eSIM profile, enabling customers to move money and engage in Western Union services while traveling. For more, visit https://westernunion.breezesim.com/

James Osterloh, Head of Global Ecosystem Partnerships, said: “We are delighted that, with this innovative service we enable our digital wallet customers to have full control over their connectivity needs as well as their finances, adding further value when they use our product.”  

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