Eontec embraces IBM WebSphere

Eontec embraces IBM WebSphere

Dublin-based Eontec has combined its multi-channel banking software with IBM's WebSphere family of products, primarily Portal and Business Process Choreographer, enabling users to fast-track the delivery of customer services across multiple points of contact.

Integration with WebSphere Portal provides banks with a desktop management solution for delivering Eontec's component-based banking applications in any channel along with streamlined workflows. The Portal desktop aggregates banking applications and business content to provide a single point of management interaction.

Eontec says the combination facilitates more streamlined and automated processes and workflows around the management and control of transactions and the reliability of automated service fulfillment - for example loan origination applications.

Says Patrick Brazel, CEO at Eontec: "For IBM customers that have invested in the IBM WebSphere family, this integration gives them the capability to leverage Eontec's multi-channel banking services through a high performance infrastructure designed to cut costs, build customer loyalties and promote business agility."

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