Corillian begins CFO search as Sipowicz steps aside

Corillian begins CFO search as Sipowicz steps aside

US banking systems house Corillian has initiated an executive search for a new chief financial officer following the resignation of incumbent CFO Steve Sipowicz.

Sipowicz will step down from his position in November, four years after joining the company in 1999. He will remain at the firm until the announcement of Corillian's financial results for the quarter ending 30 September 2003 and the certification of those results and will continue to serve as a financial consultant for six months following his resignation.

Sipowicz says: "Corillian has reached a significant point in its business in reaching profitability and establishing the sustainability of its business. It has a solid balance sheet and a strong accounting and financial team. This is a perfect time for me to step down, spend some long-awaited time with my family and begin to look for other opportunities to work with emerging private companies looking to take the same types of steps taken by Corillian over the past several years."

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