Patsystems e-broker system live on SGX

Patsystems e-broker system live on SGX

Patsystems, the UK-based supplier of screen-based trading technology for the derivatives industry, has completed the installation of its electronic broker system at the Singapore Exchange.

The system went live in late summer, providing SGX member firms and participants with an exchange-hosted alternative to the existing front end trading system. End-users may connect via dedicated leased lines or via the exchange-provided secured Internet facility for global remote access.

It is planned that any of Patsystems' global customers will be able to provide their clients with access to the SGX electronic derivative market via an SGX member gateway while being able to provide reciprocal access to SGX members for global markets access.

Kazuaki Takabatake, head of Patsystems Singapore office, sees it as an important step in extending the company's reach to SGX and the Asia Pacific region generally.

"We are expecting several of our key clients to connect to the new SGX electronic broker system," he says. "What's more, the platform will provide electronic locals with a new alternative to the existing platform, and will also offer the open outcry traders the opportunity to trade on the SGX electronic derivatives market by using Patsystems front end via the Internet or via a wireless LAN on the SGX trading floor."

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