Icap purchases Misys front end; Quasar switched to InterSystems database

Icap purchases Misys front end; Quasar switched to InterSystems database

Interdealer broker Icap has licensed the front end system to Misys Securities Trading Systems' back office software Market Settlement. The firm is also upgrading to the latest version of the product on Oracle 9i.

The new browser-based front end can interchange with Icap's current Forms9 interface and will provide users with access to functions including position keeping, trade enquiry, message enquiry and release, agency and STP tracker for exception management.

The interface can be customised by users to support individual working practices. Data can also be pushed from the database to the Web browser where appropriate.

Lance Fisher at Icap, says the front end "gives us a minimum footprint delivery capability. This now gives us the option of delivering one of our key back office systems via the Internet."

Additionally, Misys Asset Management Systems has migrated its back office product, Quasar 6, to the InterSystems Caché database. The vendor says benchmark tests show that overnight batch processes run four times faster after switching Quasar to the Caché's post-relational database.

Caché's multidimensional engine means that data does not have to be normalised as it does in traditional relational systems. This in turn speeds up transactions processing.

Also, users can now access and interpret data more easily and rapidly and make ad hoc queries without third party reporting tools.

Misys says the move has also improved Quasar's screen presentation by creating a modern GUI and ultimately, Quasar 6 will present system processes as a collection of multi-task modules and graphical interfaces as opposed to the current menu-driven, character-based, single workflow approach.

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