Computer Associates' eTrust Directory certified by Identrus

Computer Associates' eTrust Directory certified by Identrus

Computer Associates International claims that its eTrust Directory has become the first directory solution to be certified by bank-backed digital trust authority Identrus.

CA's eTrust Directory provides full support for X.509 certificates and certificate revocation lists to provide a secure repository for lookups and identity management. The program achieved certification by meeting Identrus' standards for performance, scalability and reliability.

"The financial institutions participating in our Identrus programme require technology solutions that offer zero downtime and extremely high scalability," says Andrew McLauchlan, chairman at Identrus. "CA's eTrust directory fulfills these stringent technical requirements and thus provides a key enabling technology for our members."

CA says its eTrust Directory and eTrust OCSPro package are already being used by financial institutions around the world - including Identrus member ANZ - for high-speed, policy-based validation of digital certificates.

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