Omgeo applies Cameron FIX

Omgeo applies Cameron FIX

Trade matching venture Omgeo is using technology from Cameron Systems to develop FIX interfaces for its new multi-broker portal Allocation Manager and automated allocations solution Deal Time STP.

Omgeo is using the CameronFIX engine version 6.1 to receive FIX order and allocation messages into Allocation Manager and Deal Time STP. The messages are then passed into the Central Trade Manager (CTM) utility or Oasys matching system.

Allocation Manager will link investment managers with a Web-based trading blotter that will connect them to brokers on Oasys and Oasys-TradeMatch service to process US fixed income and equity trades. The CameronFIX engine will be used to receive an automated notice of execution (NOE) from the participating broker, in standard FIX format.

Deal Time STP, which is due to launch in Q3 this year, will allow for the automation of allocations earlier in the trade cycle and enable firms to process trades - from inception through to settlement - using a single connection and the FIX protocol. The service will also allow users to send automated FIX allocations to Omgeo's community of broker dealers, irrespective of the brokers current ability to process them.

Cameron System's FIX engine is being used in a highly available setting, with a hot running back up server available over a LAN and WAN. The system includes FIX-FIX routing, connection scheduling and increased FIX dialects.

Kathy Ball-Toncic, executive director of the global STP Partners Programme, Omgeo, says: "Omgeo is embracing FIX to create a more streamlined STP environment for our customers. CameronFIX has a robust high availability solution and it has been easy to integrate."

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