Arcontech releases market data components

Arcontech releases market data components

London-based Arcontech has released Intercom, a range of component products that integrate real time market data with Web and database systems.

Aimed specifically at third-party developers, integrators and development staff at market data firms, the products are currently used within Arcontech's market data system CityVision which delivers live financial data to B2C Web sites, such as the cityindex and finspread trading sites.

The Intercom products include four main components developed using Microsoft COM technology. The Record Data Server (RDS) and Page Data Server (PDS) connect to multiple real-time sources - including Reuters Triarch, TIB, RMDS as well as internal data sources - and collate data for presentation on standard HTML pages or via CityVision's Java display applets JClients. Both components automatically handle dynamic bandwidth control by optimising data and maintaining session status on a per user basis.

In addition, a SQL Pump provides a tool to stream real-time data into databases, which would otherwise strain under the load, and the CityVision Contributor object sits as a process inside an SQL database or IIS Web Server and feeds data changes and contributions in real-time to any destinations supported by CityVision, including the RDS and PDS services and vendor services such as Reuters, Bloomberg and Moneyline Telerate.

Andrew Miller, managing director, Arcontech, says the components have never been marketed separately before.

"The products are simple to use and configure and are even suitable for use by Web designers with little or no experience of handling real-time market data," says Miller.

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