NeoNet delivers trading access to Nyse and Amex

NeoNet delivers trading access to Nyse and Amex

NeoNet, a Swedish provider of real-time equity trading services, is providing clients with direct access to the New York Stock Exchange (Nyse) and the American Stock Exchange (Amex) via its international dealing desk.

The expansion offers clients broader access to US liquidity and signals NeoNet's plans to offer fully integrated electronic executions of Nyse securities by mid 2004.

NeoNet says it aims to offer clients direct market access and execution services in 80% of the world's stock market capitalisation within the same timeframe.

The vendor currently connects to the Nasdaq and London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Oslo stock exchanges.

In addition, NeoNet plans to offer direct access to virt-x and the Madrid Stock Exchange across its platform by year-end 2003.

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